John Kruk's Fancy Testicle

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Oh Shit, it's Busted!
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The contents of this man's pants would spawn a legend.
John Kruk's Fancy Testicle is a fad that arose out of trying to defuse yet another steroids in baseball thread in SAS. The fad started with an exchange between forum users Gendo, Neodoomium and DKCecil about the steroid Trenbolone. DKCecil made a play on the steroid Trenbolone by calling it the chocolate bar Toblerone. Neodoomium claimed John Kruk had been injecting Toblerones into his throat for the entirity of his career, causing him to lose a testicle as a result. Forums user the popes toes then added that Kruk's abuse of Toblerone was found years later behind his locker, tiny and and dried. Gendo added the testicle was found complete with its own goatee.

The Evolution of the Fancy Nad

After Gendo posted the first rendition of John Kruk's testicle, complete with Goatee, it went through a series of changes to become the lovable upper society yam sack lurker we all know and love.

The Adventures of the Fancy Nad

As the thread developed and people inexplicably tried to continue screaming at one another about steroids in the midst of a never-ending rain of dancing testes, Gendo and Albrot began telling stories starring everyone's favorite testicle.

Lost in the mists of time:

John Kruk's Pedestrian Testicle

This refers to Kruk's less cultured, less interesting testicle.