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A player who bats instead of the pitcher. Some people hate it. Some people don't. Not to be confused with Designated Hitler.

The Average Anti-DH Position

An outdated, mid 70s idea that baseball had to solve the problem of weak hitting at the time. With expansion and steroids, the DH now only serves to further inflate already inflated offensive numbers in the AL. Some would even go so far as to say that baseball with the DH is not really baseball. The DH is well known to give AL teams an advantage in World Series because they carry an extra potent batter in the lineup (which would normally be a wasted roster spot in the NL).

The DH should be abolished immediately, but never will because it allows old, crippled, and/or fat players to continue their careers without having to play defense.

This position is inadvertently supported by Major League Baseball, in their hesitance to admit the greatest DH of all time into the Baseball Hall of Fame. (Should be noted that Martinez will not be eligible for the hall until 2009.) (Should be noted that Frank Thomas>Edgar Martinez)

The Average Pro-DH Position

Fans of teams in the National League are conditioned to froth at the mouth at the very mention of the designated hitter. Fans of American League teams think that the insult to the integrity of baseball is worth not having to see 99% of pitchers strike out on three pitches almost every time at the plate or for people who think the double switch is just another useless move the National League has come up with, or simply have no integrity to insult. People that aren't deathly afraid of change don't mind the DH all that much.


The first DH was Ron Blomberg. Remember this fact for the next time you pick the Sports category during a game of Trivial Pursuit.