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That's right, smirk away you son of a bitch.

Though only an umpire of Major League Baseball for seven years, Bucknor already has a reputation as one of the worst umpires in the league. A recent Sports Illustrated poll of 470 MLB players saw Bucknor voted as the worst umpire, with 21% of the vote. Known for often missing calls, having a quick trigger when a player or manager argues, then standing there and smirking like a smug bastard.

CB Bucknor's idea of the strikezone


CB Bucknor's idea of a fielder not touching the base on a force play

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CB Bucknor Quotes

"I had a good viewpoint from my vantage point in the dugout and it looked like a tie to me. Not only did he beat it, but his (Rafael Palmiero's) foot was off the bag. Then the guy (Bucknor) had the nerve to have that smirk on his face, like he knew what he was doing all along. And I'm the one to be penalized for it." - Lou Piniella

"The suspension apparently stemmed from Mercker's postgame tirade at umpire C.B. Bucknor for what Mercker believed was Bucknor's insulting treatment of reliever Kyle Farnsworth. They clashed verbally outside the umpires room, which is close to the tunnel from the Cubs dugout to their clubhouse. TV replays show that Bucknor had a smirking smile on his face when assistant trainer Sandy Krum paid a visit to Farnsworth on the mound after Astros batters had been hammering him for a while and extending their lead. Mercker was one of many onlookers -- some of them TV viewers -- who believed Bucknor was making light of the fact that the Cubs were trying to buy time for Farnsworth by sending an assistant trainer to interrupt a nonstop assault on Farnsworth's pitches. The fact remains -- and TV replays again will be the proof -- that Bucknor had the same smirk on his face when he and Baker had a disagreement earlier this season. Baker inserted infielder Ramon Martinez in a double switch when he changed pitchers, but Bucknor later claimed Baker never told him of the lineup move and called Martinez out when he batted for hitting out of order. Bucknor's smirk seemed to drive Baker over the edge as they argued the matter and Baker was suspended for what the league said was inciting the Wrigley Field crowd." - Chicago Sun-Times reporter Mike Kiley