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CAUTION: Sissy Slapfight Below


  • Fired the single most prolific coach in football history, Paul Brown, for refusing to play a man dying from lukemia only two years into his ownership of the team.
    • If it was about the trade, who the hell was Modell to question it? Brown was a 6% team owner, too.
    • If it was about not playing Davis, well he died a year after being diagnosed and Modell is a bastard.
  • Drove arguably the greatest running back of all time, Jim Brown, out of town and into retirement at only 29 years of age
    • Because he wanted to come late to training camp. Great trade off, Art.
  • World's largest hypocrite
    • Brooklyn Dodger fan who "felt saddened and betrayed" when the team left in 1958
    • Criticized the Raiders move to LA in 1982
    • Criticized Robert Irsay for moving the Colts in 1984
    • Lied to a city and stole its team in 1996
  • Incredibly, claims he was "losing money" owning a NFL franchise in the 1990s in a city with the most loyal fan base in the NFL [1]
    • VOLUNTARILY PASSED on the Gateway project and then cited his lack of a new stadium as a reason for the move.
  • Moved during the day not in the middle of the night which eliminates any possibility of it being betrayal
  • Initially wanted to steal the team history, too, until fans and public pressure from both Cleveland AND Baltimore convinced him to leave it.
  • Hasn't visited Cleveland since 1996 and won't until after he dies if he knows what's good for him
  • Will never, ever make it into the Hall of Fame because the drive from Cleveland to Canton is short enough that there's still plenty of gas left in the tank to torch the entire fucking building
    • Seriously, no way in hell
  • When asked why he didn't just sell the franchise, claimed he wanted to leave it to his family
    • Then sold the franchise years later in Baltimore, to someone not in his family


  • Paul Brown was fired for trading for Ernie Davis without consulting with Modell.
  • Jim Brown was an insubordinate who preferred making movies to football.
  • Cleveland gave the hapless Indians a new stadium, but THE BEST MOST LOYALIST FANS EVER (in case you didn't know, they'll remind you until never forget) did not pressure the city to improve the Browns' decaying stadium. Hence, the losing money.
  • Did not move in the middle of the night like the Colts.
  • Unlike Irsay, did not steal the Browns' history.
  • Will probably get into the hall because he pioneered the NFL's innovative television deal.

Failed Hall of Fame pitch. Even Peter King saw through these lies

Art Modell embodies the legacy of a true American success story...He has been described as a bold, competitive and compassionate entrepreneur...Modell finalized the sale of the 2000 World Champion Baltimore Ravens to majority owner Steve Bisciotti in April 2004...Art was 1 of 15 finalists for the Canton NFL Hall of Fame in 2001 and a semifinalist for the classes of 2004, 2005 and 2006. Has a spot reserved in hell jerking off Satan with the help of Saddam and anyone who admires the man who fired Paul Brown for refusing to play a man dying with lukemia, drove Jim Brown out of town, lied to a city and stole its team. Will never make it to the Hall of Fame because the drive from Cleveland to Canton is short enough that there's still plenty of gas left in the tank to torch the entire

Modell, who purchased the Cleveland Browns for what was an unprecedented price of $4 million in 1961, brought the NFL back to Baltimore in February of 1996...It was not an easy move to make for the longtime Clevelander, but Modell did not leave the fans of Cleveland empty handed...Art left the name "Browns," the team colors and the great and storied Browns' history.

In his 43 seasons of full ownership of the Browns and Ravens, Modell won 2 NFL championships (1964 and 2000) and 3 other teams (1965, 1968 and 1969) played in NFL title games...Three more teams (1986, 1987 and 1989) lost memorable AFC Championship battles - all against John Elway and the Broncos...Ten other teams earned playoff berths, while 6 more entered the season's final week with a chance to make the postseason.

Modell was the only elected NFL president in league history, serving in that capacity from 1967 through 1969...He chaired the negotiations for the 1st collective bargaining agreement with the players in 1968, leading a committee that included Vince Lombardi and Jim Finks, both NFL Hall of Famers...Modell might be most noted for his tenure as the NFL's broadcast chairman...The contracts he negotiated over a 31-year period (1962-93) set the standard for sports TV.

Other key career highlights include:

  • Chairman of the Owners Labor Committee (1968), which successfully negotiated the NFL's 1st players' collective bargaining agreement.
  • Served on the NFL-AFL Merger Committee, breaking the impasse for realignment of the 2 leagues by moving the Browns to the AFC.
  • Worked closely with Pete Rozelle to establish NFL Films and became its 1st chairman.
  • In 1970, Art was an important negotiator with ABC to launch Monday Night Football and volunteered to host the 1st game in Cleveland. (The Browns won, 31-21, over the NY Jets.)
  • Refused to sell the Cleveland Browns to Al Lerner, saying he wanted to keep the team in his family. Promptly moved the team to Baltimore due to losing all his money in terrible investments and then sold the Baltimore Ravens less than 10 years later.

PERSONAL: Art and his wife, Pat, are the parents of John and David and have 6 granchildren - David lives in Baltimore with his wife, Michele, and helps run Modell Ventures...John and his wife, Tracy, live in Los Angeles...John is a composer/producer, and is president of Modular Entertainment, a music and multimedia production company...Art and Pat are residents of Cockeysville, MD and Vero Beach, FL.

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