Fantasy Sports Drafts

A draft in fantasy sports is when coaches of different teams decide who gets what players. Sports drafts a very interesting and exciting time.

During the draft, you get to build your fantasy team while preparing for the season and management of the team. In public leagues, sports drafts typically occur at a preset time set by the league creator. In private leagues, different types of sports drafts are possible. Typically, league commissioner will choose a draft type and notify coaches by email. It is also possible that the league you belong to historically uses a certain type of draft.

Fantasy Sports DraftsBecause sports drafts are so important, you want to find out more about them before you make a decision about joining a league. Below you will learn about three most popular types of drafts.

Live offline draft

For a live offline draft, coaches in a league first decide on a date and time for a real, offline, in-person meeting. Once they do, they meet and select their players. This is an old-fashioned way to start a season in a league. This type of draft is often a lot of fun, but it is not very practical or convenient, especially if coaches of fantasy teams live in different cities, countries or even continents. Despite this fact, many leagues still choose to conduct a live offline draft and for coaches traveling to the draft is one of the biggest events of the year.

Live online draft

A live online draft is the most popular way to choose players because it is easy and convenient for all coaches. Because everything is done online, the location of a coach doesn’t matter. A fantasy league uses real-time technology to conduct a draft in real time. Each coach logs into the platform and then uses the site to choose players that are available.

Autopick draft

In this draft, the league assigns players automatically. Many public leagues use this format.

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