A Cat with a World Cup Hat

Call it intuition, but this cat could possibly predict the winner of this year’s world cup. You heard me! A bit more instinctive than the goldfish reported in Germany a couple years back. But imagine being a World Cup winner because of a cat, it would certainly be as good as winning the lottery.

Achilles (seen in all of his glory in all the pictures in this article) is a resident cat at the world-famous Hermitage museum in St Petersburg, Russia. This kitty will be under a close watch as he makes his choices for each game, so how do you ask? Achilles has to choose between two bowls of food, each bowl will have the flag of the competing teams behind it. And all this to forecast the winners of Fifa’s big football games.

Achilles Cat World Cup

He is currently undergoing intense training mastering “intuition skills” at the cat republic. Cat republic is a cafe that is a part of the museum with about 26 cats in “circulation” at a time. Cat lovers from all over the world go there to be enveloped in the soothing realm of cats. Included in your ticket of 500 Rubles, you also get some tea, coffee, or juice. And a tour, which comprises of going around to the different cats and telling the cat lover about them (name of cat, breed, and personality) Bonus!

Last year the feline apparently proved himself worthy when he accurately predicted the winners of 3 out of the 4 Fifa confederation matches. Now Achilles is on the strict diet to get in shape for this year’s big World Cup event. According to the cafe, Achilles perception makes up for his inability, you guessed it, to hear This white, blue-eyed beauty, is deaf!

He also lives in the museum’s basement with about 50 other cats. Initially put there, to catch mice. If his predictions are correct, he will certainly be the King of the Castle.

Will you be following the choices of this cat? Let us know below in the comments what you think!

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